Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Current Projects

As promised here is a run down of my current projects. In order of how much thought I have put into them

1. Wood Elves: My oldest and still not complete army. Admittedly in part due to rumors of an April 14 codex release, which caused me to stop buying to see what might be released.
My intention is to own a 2250 pt army. My theme hasn't changed, just a glade of elves "defending" themselves from outsiders. The army is composed of:
Wood Elf Lord: Spellweaver

1 Highborn (WIP)
1 Spellweaver (Completed)
2 Wood Elf Nobles: one BSB and one Assassin (WIP)
6 Treekin (WIP)
24 Dryads (WIP)
50 Glade Guard/scouts (16 completed, 5 WIP, 29 still need to be purchased)

This collection also provides a ton of options for lower level games.

2. Space Wolves: okay i'll be honest 40k gets very little love from me. Although I continue to tell myself that's because I have had only a couple of decent games against good players. Now when I say good players I am referring to sportsmanship not skill level. Unfortunately the majority of 40k players I have had the opportunity to play against have not been very good sportsmen and it has left a bit of a bitter taste in my mouth. On the other hand I have had a blast doing conversions on my wolves so that has at least kept me interested in the modeling portion of the game.

Phase I: I decided towards the beginning that I wanted to build Bran Redmaw's Great Company. Including Grey Hunters, Long Fangs, and Fenrisian Wolves. Most games around here are at the 1250 ("small") or 1850 ("large") sizes so I came up with the following (sizes named by local players):

Bran Redmaw: Conversion
1 Bran Redmaw (WIP: still needs snow)
1 Perun Russkin, Wolf Priest (WIP)
1 Villskap Stormborn, Rune Priest (WIP)
1 Skallagrim of the Blackbrow,Wolf Guard Battle Leader (WIP)
3 Wolf Guard
20 Grey Hunters (4 groups of 5)
Fast Attack:
15 Fenrisian Wolves (1 group of 10 and 1 of 5)
10 Skyclaws
Heavy Support:
18 Longfangs (3 groups of 6)

Phase II: turns out that in my massive purchase a year ago I got way more models than those listed above so not wanting to waste all of my terminators I put together this list:

1 Logan Grimnar (WIP)
1 Njal Stormcaller, Rune Priest (WIP)
1 Bjorn, Dreadnought (WIP)
1 Arjac Rockfist
15 Wolfguard Terminators

Needless to say it is pretty low on my get around to it list.

3. Cygnar: Generally collecting and painting as I go. A friend and fellow PhD student here at AFIT introduced me to Warmachine last month, after some aggravating 40k games. He said it would feel like a "warm hug" by comparison. He is both a good sportsman and a good strategist so I decided to try it out,  and I really enjoy the game. So I picked up a Cygnar battle box and started to paint. Once those four figures are finished I will expand what I own slowly based off need, as opposed to some grand design as with my first two armies.
My Cygnar Warjacks (WIP)