Monday, February 10, 2014

New Dwarfs & Regiments of Renown

Exciting weekend of Warhammer Fantasy!  Got in three games of Regiments of Renown (2-1) and picked up a box of the new Hammers/Longbeards and ordered the Limited Edition Dwarf Army Book.  This meant late last week I was busy updating some older dwarfs and even starting up some Slayers (pictured).

Howarth's Bar
Howarth's Bar consisted of:
  • Howarth, a Longbeard with a Hammer of Might and shield
  • Darek, a Warrior with Great Weapon
  • Bakkuz, a Ranger Quarreller with Great Weapon
  • Kief, a Dwarf Thunderer
  • Robik, an Ironbreaker and Dog of War with The Regimental Standard
  • Bardik, an Ironbreaker
  • Bairt, a Troll Slayer and Dog of War with The Scaled Boots of Delayed Alacrity
  • Ert, a Troll Slayer and Dog of War with The Worn Boots of Unseemly Haste
My first game was against Tess's High Elves, who I routed due to the expert shooting of my Kief against her Silver Helms and supporting infantry.  My second game was against Dark Elves, which manged to wipe me out with his Black Guard and Sister of Slaughter after a hard fought battle.  My third game was a close battle against Skaven, barely managing a win.

On Saturday, I picked up the Hammers/Longbeards.  My current plan is to field a solid block of Longbeards (20 to 30) as a core part of a battle line.  Rumors are that Dwarfs will get a special rule - Shield Wall which provides +1 Parry when charged - making shields much more useful for low Initiative dwarfs.

Last update is the fences/walls continue to progress.  Robbie helped out on the initial painting and will probably help with the black wash of the walls.  These are intended to be left at the store for use by all, once they are complete.

In Progress Fences/Walls
My projects are multiplying!  And there are more new units coming for Dwarfs!