Sunday, March 23, 2014

High Elves: Lions, Sisters and Shadows Army

It's about time I contribute something, so here is my High Elf army as it stands now. I chose to build an army around the idea of a group of elves dedicated to defending the northwest coast of Ulthuan from the invasions of the Dark Elves and their brethren. With that in mind, my core units are from Nagarythe and they are supported by units from the neighboring regions of Chrace and Avelorn. Alith Anar, the Shadow King and leader of the Shadow Warriors (the remnants of the noble families of Nagarythe for the most part) is the first model I got and is my centerpiece, for now. He's not quite finished to my liking, but close.

Alith Anar - The Shadow King

He's supported by a squad of 5 Shadow Warriors. I will be adding at least five more for larger lists in the future.

Shadow Warriors

The core Archers and Spearmen are slowly working to completion, although the archers aren't seeing much use in my new lists. They are being painted in semi-traditional High Elf colors, but with a darker blue to reflect Nagarythe's colors.

Spearmen and Archer

A unit of Silver Helms provide heavy cavalry support.

Silver Helms

White Lions and a White Lion Chariot give some strength to the army.

White Lions

White Lion Chariot

My new favorite unit, the Sisters of Avelorn, throw nice magical arrows into the enemy.

Sisters of Avelorn

My Great Eagle is also not seeing much action lately, but I like the paint job on it.

And of course, no High Elf army is complete without Mages. 



As you can see, I've used green stuff to sculpt some magical flames swirling around the one model to make her unique. I really like the base model, and it was the only female model available for the army until the most recent release when the Sisters of Avelorn, Handmaiden of the Everqueen, and the Everqueen, Alarielle, joined the army. A Handmaiden and possibly Alarielle herself will be joining my higher points lists soon, as well as a Frostheart Phoenix, more Silver Helms, more Sisters, and more White Lions.