Sunday, March 9, 2014

Narrow Defeat and Motivation

Yesterday, I played a 2,000 pt Warhammer Fantasy game against Dark Elves (sorry no pics, list after the break).  The Dwarfs performed admirable. The Organ Gun earned Most Valuable Unit for me, letting loose somewhere around 15 shots per turn on average and cutting down pointy-eared cavalry and infantry alike.  A unit of Slayers also took to the field, but found itself under withering fire from Repeater Crossbows followed by facing Sisters of Slaughter.  As I discussed with my opponent, playing games inspires painting and modeling and so I need to paint up the second cannon (below), Slayers, Runesmith, and then figure out what follows.

Dwarf Cannon (sans basing)

Dwarf Cannon with base colors and washes

Defend the Forge List
30 Longbeards w/shields, full Command, RoSlowness Banner
10 Quarrellers w/shields, full Command
10 Quarrellers w/shields, full Command
10 Thunders w/shields, full Command
Special:Cannon w/ RoForging, RoBurning
Cannon w/ RoForging
15 Slayers (3 Giant Slayers), full Command, RoBattle Banner
- GS1 RoSpeed (+1I), RoDismay (Fear)
- GS2 RoSpeed, RoFire
- GS3 RoSpeed
Organ Gun w/ RoAccuracy, RoSeeking
Runesmith w/ Shield, RoSpellbreaking, RoWardingx2
Thane, BSB w/ Shield, MRoGroth-One-Eye

Nothing really under-performed aside from a unit of Quarrellers that fled the table Turn 1a Magic phase - can't be helped.  However, it was clear I did not leverage some of the synergies in the new Dwarf book.

As I look at going up to 2,500 pts, I am considering shifting my focus to a Taking Back the Dark theme centered on a block of ~22 Ironbreakers with a Lord w/ Shield Bearers and a Thane with Oathstone.  The Ironbreakers wear Gromril Armor and carry a Shield (Sv3+) and Hand Weapon (Parry), are WS5, S4, T4 and get a +1 to Parry.  The Thane with Oathstone makes it such that the unit effectively has no flanks or rear ensuring the Ironbreakers have a 3+/5++ save in close combat.  The Thane would be designed to take Challenges and busy the opponents character with a hard-as-rock Hero.  The Lord, already hard-as-rock, would be setup to dish out four to five WS7, S5 or higher attacks per turn.  But I have yet to point this out.  I also want to take at least 10 Irondrakes (ranged heavy infantry!), possibly two units of them.

This moves away from the artillery a bit and would require a bit more aggressive play!