Sunday, April 13, 2014


This weekend I put in some time on my new Irondrakes.  I have used them twice now in 1,000 pt games and they have been superb!  I really enjoy playing my "Taking Back the Dark" theme, I probably needs a better name. I may theme it as an Eight Peaks force eventually.

Irondrakes are mostly metal (a lot of dwarf models are this way).  So, after priming Chaos Black, a layer of Leadbleacher was applied over the whole model.

After this I applied Balthasar Gold to various details I wanted to pick out, followed by Mephiston Red.

I then applied the old Baal Red wash to the entire mini followed by the old Babab Black wash to the chainmail.  

At this point the base colors of the model were painted.  I then added Runefang Steel highlights to the armor and chain, Gehenna's Gold over the dragon mouth, trimming, gauge, and peaks, and Auric Armour Gold over the wreaths, beard, and gauntlet runes.  For the base, a layer of Asthogranite with a drybrush of Longbeard Grey was used.

More to come next weekend with any luck and if I need to do some different work, I have the one on the right to work on.