Thursday, April 10, 2014

Mission Accomplished

Well Everyone the Tomb Kings are complete.  I'm quite pleased with how they turned out.  A 500 point list with a built in regiment of renown list, having only purchased 4 boxes and a hero.

Heirophant, using VC banshee
The full lists are included in earlier post.  But here are a couple shots of the finished products and a painting reference.

Each model was primed gray and then recieved a basing of 4 colors with highlights over those and then finally a nuln oil wash.

Bones-  Ushabti Bone----> Screaming Skull--->Nuln Oil
Metal- Tin Bitz---> Shinning Gold---> Nuln Oil
Spears- Bestial Brown---> dhreb stone---> nuln oil
 Bows- Bestial brown---> skaag brown---> nuln oil
Generic Cloth - Dhreb Stone---> Pallid Witch Flesh ---> Nuln Oil
Unit Specific Cloth- red- Mephiston red---> blood red---> Nuln Oil
                               yellow- Iyanden yellow---> Yriel yellow---> nuln oil
                               blue- Mordian Blue---> enchanted blue---> nuln oil
                               green-  Castellan Green---> warpstone glow---> Nuln Oil

Skeleton Horsemen
Mounted Archers

Skeleton Warriors

Skeleton Archers