Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Speaking of Dead Guys

Got cracking on the Tomb Kings army last Thursday.  Figured I'd start small and paint one skeleton...

...but he was completed so quickly and looked so good that I ended up painting nine more that night...and then 10 more the next day, and in the subsequent couple of days wrapped up the first 2 of the 3 Ushabti.  Just the last Ushabti, the Cav and the Hero to go.  Will provide a hero gameplan when I get around to her. Here are some pictures of the finished products to oogle over.

Skeleton Warrior unit.  10 dudes, spears and shields.

Side view of the warriors

skeleton archers.  10 dudes with bows

He's ready for his close up

Archer and Warrior side by side

2 of the 3 Ushabti

Ushabti One

Ushabti 2