Sunday, July 20, 2014

Cannon Crew!

I hand painted the main cannon featured here months ago.  It was an opportune time to paint up its crew and base the cannon as well.  The crew was painted using basic techniques outlined in "How to Paint Citadel Miniatures."

Cannon and Crew

My current technique primarily relies on using the Citadel Base colors, a layer of washes/shaders and then highlighting some areas.  For my unifying theme I base up most models with Mephiston Red, Leadbelcher, and Mournfang Brown.  For regiments (like the Thunders I posted yesterday), I also choose a regimental color.  For each Dwarf, I choose a beard color.  Lastly, some metals are painted Balthasar Gold as a way to breakup the model more.  From here, it is matter of washing the model in various washes (four different ones on these guys) followed by highlights.

My more recent Dwarfs have had a more unifying color scheme, with my older models dating back almost a decade.
Cannon painted back in March!
Cannon done.  Next, Gyrocopter... sometime this week.