Monday, August 4, 2014

Odinfir, Dwarf Lord & 2 battles in M41

Odinfir taking a swing
For my FLGS Fantasy campaign, I am fielding Odinfir as my main character.  He is a Lord on Shieldbearers with a shield and a great weapon to start off.  No magic items, argh!  Sadly, I did not get the opportunity to field Odinfir and his throng against Chaos Demons this weekend.  My opponent never got back to me.

The last step the the Dwarf Lord will be sealing him, but that may wait until I have a few more characters to seal.  I am thinking my next model will be either a Runesmith with great weapon or a Thane with the Battle Standard.  After those two, it will leave two Thanes to paint up.

In other news, got in two games of Warhammer 40,000 this weekend.  A game Friday night, my Eldar (1,000 pts) allied with Astra Militarum (1,000 pts) against Chaos Crimson Slaughter (2,000 pts).  My game Sunday was 2,000 pts, Ultramarines vs Nurgle Chaos Space Marines.

Both 40k games were fun, however I struggled against the Chaos list in both cases.  In both instances, large flying monstrous creatures (Demon Prince) or various demonic war engines (like the Maulfiend) thoroughly wrecked shop against both my Eldar and Ultramarines.

In both instances, a combination of 2+ jink (cover saves) on the demon prince and 5+ demon saves (invulnerable) on the demonic war engines neutered my shooting.  In close combat, my forces were either unable to do damage and quickly destroyed due to demon prince or failed to take down the demonic engine (invulnerable save on vehicles).

I tested out Sternguard, which forced a lot of saves using Hellfire rounds.  Reducing the save/utility of jink I think is key in this respect, as the Librarian did with an Auspex.  The demon prince saved all 14 wounds caused out of 18 shots.  Next turn, the demon prince quickly ate the Sternguard.  Jink really should have an impact on charging the following turn.

I part with another shot of Odinfir.

Odinfir and his Shieldbearers