Monday, September 22, 2014

Ineffective Ultramarines

Ancients of Macragge
To put it simply, I have a lot of Ultramarines.  I have been collecting Ultramarines for 18 years As I was graduating from college, I provided my club with a basic army from some of my early miniatures.

However, over this past weekend, I did poorly (in my opinion) versus Dark Angels at both 2,000 points and 1,500 points (different opponents).  Both games were Maelstrom (objective cards).  I felt that my lack of Terminators and general lack AP 3 and AP 2 left me ill-equipped and prolonged the games.

What additions, I should consider?  No real restrictions; I probably do not need more Tactical, Assault, or Devastator squads, Rhinos, Razorbacks, Dreadnoughts, or Scouts.  I am currently considering Terminator Assault Squad (all Lightning Claws), Terminator Squad (Assault Cannon, plus 2 Chainfists), Vindicator tank, or 3-5 Devastator Centurions.

In my Saturday game (2,000 pts) against Dark Angels, roughly half of the 3rd Company of Ultramarines led by a Librarian (2 psychic levels) and Chaplain faced off against a mixed force of Deathwing, Ravenwing, and battle company Dark Angels, led by Belial and a supporting Librarian.  

I deployed, 2 Tactical Squads (with Rhinos), an Assault Squad (with Chaplain), 2 Devastator squads, 2 Multi-Melta Landspeeders, 3 Heavy Bolter Landspeeders, and a squad of Sternguard with the Librarian.  The Librarian went with Demonology (Scantic) and picked up Infinity Gate and Sanctuary.  My entire force faced down a squad of Black Knights, Librarian accompanied by command squad with lots of Plasma Guns in a Razorback, 5-man Devastators, Vindicator tank, and Landspeeder Vengeance.  Belial, 5 Deathwing Knights, and 2 squads of Deathwing waited in reserves.

The general flow of the game was such that I was unable to push much out of my deployment zone and was quickly overwhelmed through the combination of the weight of plasma guns and inability to effectively deal with the Terminators.  The ability of the Black Knights to Hit-and-Run made it challenging to dictate combat and eliminate them with overwhelming force.  I failed to wipe out Belial when he and the Black Knights teleported into my backfield, providing a teleport homer the following turn for the rest of the Deathwing.  These 10-terminators took the attention of my Devastators and left my crippled Tactical squads to attempt deal with the Vindicator and Vengeance.  By the end of turn 5, I was being dominated both in terms of remaining models and objectives taken.

Sunday's game (1,500 pts) was more even, but a Librarian, Captain, 5 Deathwing, a Land Raider Crusader kept my pair of multi-melta landspeeders, lascannon & missile launcher Devastator squad and a Tactical squad completely engaged.  The rest of the game was some what even, but I was unable to complete enough objectives to even challenge for victory.