Monday, October 27, 2014

A Wave Serpent for the Dire Avengers

Painted Wave Serpent
In preparation for Armies on Parade this past Saturday (25 Oct 2014), I spent the previous week's evenings painting up a Wave Serpent for my Aliatoc Dire Avengers.

The model assembled readily enough, with a few green stuff touches. My biggest complaint is that the cockpit does not fit properly, which means it has to be secured to the hull versus opening.  Other than that, all the doors and movable parts work.

For the model, I went with Twin Linked Shuriken Cannon for the turret and and Shuriken Cannon upgrade to the catapults.  In addition, I placed what is probably the Crystal Targeting Matrix next to the cockpit.  For games, the upgrades are actually going to be Holofields and Star Engines.

Some progress shots after the break.

Pre-primer everything broken out