Sunday, December 21, 2014

Chain Bayonets!

Fix Bayonets!
Last night, Tess allowed Jason and I to begin building/reading the Forgeworld order.  Thus far I have completed 5 of 10 tactical Marines, all with Chain Bayonets!

We also picked up some grey primer today, which should make the white build up more straight-forward.  I will be painting them some method other than the Forgeworld recommendation, largely because I have glued the shoulder-pads and backpacks on already.

Depending on how the evening goes; I will have another 5 tactical Marines built.  After that, 5 Rampagers and lastly Kharn, probably just with Cutter and not Gorechild.

Five more Marines bathing before building.

In addition, I have begun to contemplate how/if this army goes to 2,000, what it will shape up to be. Since it is World Eaters, Orbital Assault makes a lot of sense and this will drive various choices in the army list.  With 10-man Tacticals, Veterans, and Heavy Support and Dreadnaughts having access to Drop Pods or Dreadclaws and Fast Attack slots for additional Dreadclaws, I have a plan forming in my mind.  The question comes down to whether to field 20-man Tactical Squads with Kharybdises!