Sunday, January 11, 2015

Blooded World Eaters

First five World Eaters
My first 5 tactical World Eaters are complete (other than sealing, rainy day).  They are out of squad III (see picture past the break) of which every company I am playing, at the time.  They have different blood splatter on their bodies.  I tried to keep the blood in areas that would be sprayed by the Marine slicing into their victims.  It is hard to see in the image, but the blades are covered in Blood for the Blood God paint.
Various unit designations.
I also chose to vary the tactical & squad symbols on their right shoulder pads. I am going to work with these 5 different symbols throughout the squad. Attempting to come up with 20-variations on the same symbols seems over the top.

First completed World Eater
These are arguably the first Marines I have completed since I began purposely shading & highlighting models.  My Ultramarines are essentially color by numbers. While the Ultramarines are coherent and decent looking, they lack depth that comes with effective layering, shading, and highlights.  I notice the difference without any Ultarmarine for reference.

Here is a close up of the first Marine with the blood on him. His knee is actually painted red as a mark of honor or some other designation.