Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Work on Wave Serpent 2

I worked on the basing and washing the second Wave Serpent, intended to carry Banshees into combat.  It has been a nice change from the jetbikes I finished up previously.  Painting a tank is simply a different experience, minimizing the repetition found in painting an infantry/bike/light vehicle squadron.

Also I have seen the leaked new Eldar Jetbikes.  I think they are nice looking bikes, but I am a bit frustrated that Games-Workshop did not also create more plastic Aspect Warriors (which are currently only mail order Finecast).  Probably will Ebay old metal Banshees for the last four; I may even order 10 to replace the Finecast I currently have.

I am not sure if the Eldar really needed a new Codex.  They were already a solid Codex.  We will see how it impacts my existing army list probably near the end of the month.  I hope it is still viable.

Nothing after the break this time.