Monday, May 4, 2015

Assassinorum: Execution Force (Part 1)

Assassins assembled!
On 2 May, my family and I picked up Assassinorum: Execution Force.  The first reason was to acquire the 4 new Imperial Assassins, which are all excellent models (see left).  Secondly, my son was very excited about playing the game and really wanted to play as the Vindicare assassin (big gun).  This meant I spent about an hour assembling the entire set before getting ready to play a game (review in part 2).  Overall, I am very happy with the acquisition and our first play through was fun.

GW's picture
Briefly, I am going to talk about the cost and value of this set.  The set included a lot of models:  4 Imperial Assassins, 1 Chaos Terminator Lord,  1 Chaos Familiar, 3 Chaos Space Marines, and 15 Chaos Cultist.  At a price tag of $125, it is well worth it.  The Chaos Terminator Lord and Familiar are roughly $24.75 by themselves and I expect the Assassins will be as much as the Harlequin characters ($26).  So, ignoring the 18 lower end models, game tokens, board, and dice it is already cheaper than the price of the models included.

The Imperial Assassin models are great models and straightforward to assemble and build. These are good examples of why Citadel miniatures continue to be outstanding.  The attachment points are clear and plastic models fit together well.  Even the numbering of components was in line with a good way to assemble the models. Lastly, they centered on the new 30 mm bases.

The Chaos Terminator Sorcerer is an older model and shows how the product has evolved over the past several years.  His sprue was not numbered and the joints between components flat. The model's detail is excellent and it will be a fun project to work on after getting many other projects painted.

I now own a Chaos Sorcerer!
The Chaos Cultist and Chaos Space Marines are starter models and could snap together if desired.  Special mention however that the Chaos Space Marines are based on 30 mm bases.  I really like marines on the 30 mm bases, chiefly because the Marines no longer overfill the base.

3 Chaos Space Marines

15 Chaos Cultist
Lastly, everything fits in the box well enough.

Everything ready to play.