Thursday, May 7, 2015

Assassinorum: Execution Force (Part 2)

All setup
In Part 1, I talked about the models in Execution Force and the value of the set as a whole.  After assembly, my family of three played a game.

The game's mechanics are straightforward with a little ambiguity regarding the prime target, the Chaos Sorcerer Lord Drask.  The game can be played with 1-4 players and is a cooperative effort.

The first big objective is to find the Teleportation Room and it's Control Room.  There are 12 unknown rooms at the beginning and they are shuffled into a stack and revealed as you move to the outlined areas.

This all has to be done while either 1) avoiding Cultist/Marine patrols or 2) killing those hostiles in your way/on alert.   Each turn 1 to 4 Event cards are drawn, which can help or hinder the players in various ways most often adding another patrol to the board.  More Event cards are drawn depending on how many hostiles are On Alert, creating a constant secondary objective.

Moving into the Astropathic Sanctorum
Once successfully finding the way into the Chaos temple, the task of killing Lord Drask remains.  He is the hardest of the renegades, requiring 3 successful woundings.  He can be taken down in a single turn by a group of Assassins, who can pull out all the stops to make it happen.

On the mechanics side, the patrol mechanics work well and drive plenty of suspense.  The board can fill up with hostiles very quickly as more and more Event cards are drawn.

Each Assassin gets two actions per turn and can do either move/sprint/shoot/fight action and not repeat it (expect for the Eversor).  The renegades get one action if they cannot see an Assassin, but then get to shoot/fight if they are close enough to do so.  Lone Assassins can become overwhelmed pretty quickly if they are not careful.

Each Assassin has a set of Primary Tactics (3 uses) and an Omega Tactic (1 use).  These come in handy in dire situations.  Our final killing of Lord Drask took 2 uses of a Primary Tactics on the Vindicare Assassins part.

Again, really happy with the purchase and will enjoy painting them up.  If you want a game that does not take as long as a full 40k game or even Space Hulk, but set in the same universe, definitely pick this up.