Tuesday, August 11, 2015

More Danes Coming

KoD Surface Assault Group
I am glad I delayed ordering more Dystopian Wars.  As I mentioned in my last post about Dystopian Wars, I was going to expand my Danes with some Prussian Lend-Lease units.  However, with the announcement of the new box pictured here, I am happily holding off to pick it up instead.

The addition of the Asgard Heavy Battle Carrier with its Tyr Assault Boats and four Magni Assault Airships will be far more interesting than any Lend-Lease units I might have acquired.

I am also finishing up the Naval Battle Group box I first acquired.  I still have 7 Support Air Squadrons to paint and 5 Korsor Corvettes.  The SAS will get painted, but the 5 Korsor will likely be left unpainted until after the Asgard, Tyrs, and Magni arrive and are painted.  With those two sets, I will probably be able to field in the realm of 2,000 points a massive fleet.

My Ragnarok Pocket Battleship