Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Banshees Complete

Ten Angry Screaming Armed Elfin Women!
After two weeks of working on the Banshees off-and-on, they are complete!  I had originally hoped to complete before my new Danes showed up, but no luck.  Between the heat and a head-cold, I have just not had energy post-work day.

I do like how they turned out.  After the break, I have a few progress shots.  The very light bone armor was an opportunity to really practice the build up of colors all the way from black to the very light bone white.   The Eldar have really been my breakout collection for the use of washes and I am always impressed with how much more depth it gives the model.  My 40k Ultramarines appear very flat in comparison.

Base Coats All Around

How to paint the weapons?

Purple Power Swords!

One last step - Grass