Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Another Squadron of Fafnirs

Fafnirs 5 & 6 and their attached  air wings
Last Thursday, I finished up two more Fafnirs and the supporting SAS for my Kingdom of Denmark Dystopian Wars fleet.  These are the last two capital ships I had to paint of my collection and enable me to deploy my latest fleet list (2 x 2 Fafnir Squadrons) fully painted. I still have 5 mine markers and 6 Korsor Corvettes I can paint, but I currently do not have a list that leverages my 5 painted Korsors. The mine markers have a bit more variance to them.  Either way, I like the idea of having those as an alternative quick project if I am feeling unmotivated about the next project(s).

I really wanted to finish up this squadron ahead of my vacation (which I am on currently).  This means that when I get back, I can dedicate most of my hobby time to the 1,000 point World Eaters Zone Mortalis army.  If I need a break from that effort, I have numerous other side projects available, like Execution Force, the remaining Danish corvettes, Space Hulk, and Betrayal at Calth.

Happy Thanksgiving!