Thursday, November 12, 2015

Completed Phoenix

Completed Five Hexes Phoenix Fighter-Bomber
Over the past week, I have worked on completing the last of my Eldar - the Phoenix Fighter-Bomber.  This brings to a close the Eldar Army project I started in June 2013.

This last unit was a good capstone to the overall army and a center-piece I am happy to own.  I really appreciate, as 40k has changed over the past three or four years with the general introduction of flying units and super heavies, more players have become amenable to fighting against Forgeworld models.

On the base are broken Rhino doors, painted in a light seafoam green, similar to the Sons of Horus, like the helmet the Banshee Exarch is stepping on.

In addition, I have created a page showing the whole Eldar army and outlining its makeup.

After the break, some shots of the Phoenix in work.

Already based from previous work 
First layer above the base
Underside details in work
Completed aircraft
All based, shot from nose on.