Thursday, November 5, 2015

Relaxing, Painting Marines

Five more Legion Astrates
Over the past several days, I have spent time painting up five World Eaters Astrates for my first Horus Heresy force.  I found it rather relaxing compared to the effort on more recent models like the Shadowseer, Deathjester, or even Kingdom of Denmark ships.   Something about painting such a familiar object, in which most of the scheme and process was already understood and captured just made it very relaxing.

I am close to finishing up the Eldar army and Kingdom of Denmark ships, the World Eaters will take center stage on my painting schedule.  I have completed the first 10 of 31 models in my intial World Eaters army.  I am mulling over the idea of adding 5 Cataphractii Terminators and a Praetor to my collection to field a Great Crusade/Istavaan III force, which adds 6 more Terminators.

After the break, a picture of the full squad and some progress shots.

Squad III, Occide Squad

Based & Washed

Second Layer

Highlighted, but No Blood