Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Primarch arrived, slow start on Rampagers

Just a short status update post.  My brother's Christmas gift of Roboute Guilliman arrived this past week, along with 5 Suzerains from Forgeworld.   Both of these have been tucked away with the rest of the Ultramarines that I have been collecting for a "big-push" once the 1,000 points of Zone Mortalis World Eaters is complete.

Roboute Guilliman
A single model which should as much attention as a whole squad or more
Speaking of, I have been distracted by playing Destiny with a good friend and have only begun to add the base layers to the Rampagers.   I intend to spend some more time on them in the coming days and will at the very least dedicate time next Monday to painting them.