Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Blood covered, crazed super-humans locked into their armor by their keepers and let loose upon their once brothers - World Eaters Butchers are a unit that typifies the slipping of the World Eaters away from the Emperor.

Sorry for not posting more often, but I have been ill-disciplined about hobbying during the evenings.

Bloody Butchers

Once Proud
These models were great to paint and then bloody with the Citadel Tecnhical - Blood for the Blood God.  While I had used the paint on the powered-armored Astartes, the front of the butchers is covered in gore.

Front Comparison of Bloodied vs Unbloodied

Back Comparison of Bloodied vs Unbloodie
I used the same basic build for the white, blue and metals that I have used on the rest of the force.  Then the front was covered with the blood technical paint, trying my best to make it come from either the center or along the paths of how they would be killing.
Before all the Blood
These leaves Kharn to complete 1,000 points of traitor World Eaters.  I intend to make 5 more Terminators (with Lightning Claws) and an alternative Consul/Praetor to Kharn to field a loyalist/non-Kharn World Eaters force alternatively.