Tuesday, April 12, 2016

10-man Squad in Progress

I have been making steady progress on my first XIII Legion Tactical Squad.  I am regretting attempting to go after a full 10-man squad right away.  I feel like I would feel further along if I was starting my second 5-man, having finished the first 5-man.

All this being said, I have not really used any new techniques on the XIII models yet.  But I have settled on the plan to do basic weathering 1) using powders and 2) light sponging.  Next weekend, I intend to buy at least a pack of Vallejo pigments (Stone and cement, city).  I intend to weather the lower calf and feet of the Legionaires with a light dusting of a light grey pigment to represent them defending the shattered civiti of the 500 Worlds of Ultramar.   My XIII Legion are now having to forgo superficial maintenance and thus I will "chip" and "mud" where I think it is appropriate.  But that is all to come.

For now, I will finish up highlights on black and apply transfers over the next week.