Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tactical Squad Complete

On Thursday last week, I weathered the feet of the Legion Tactical Squad, completing the first 10 Astrates for my XIII Legion force.  I am very pleased with the overall result.  I am starting to write-up some background for what Chapter of the Legion they are and what they are doing during the Shadow Crusade and associated units. 

Wading through the dust 

From slight right
"At the time of the Calth Conjunction, the 106th Company, alongside the 105th and 107th Companies, was re-equipping at at Iax following counter-xenos (Ork) operations along the northeastern border of Ultramar.  Legion Command had assigned the 106th Company to the light response Strike Cruiser for conducting anti-xenos and stabilizing operations along the frontier.   Following the Betrayal at Calth, the 106th, and its sister companies, were utilized by the Tetrarch of Iax for a series of actions in systems surrounding Iax.  These included void counter-assaults upon World Eaters and Word Bearers traitors, broader counter pirate operations, and reinforcing the Knights of Argeia in defense of the Argaas spaceport and neighboring ancient citadel."
From the left
Below is a picture ffor a comparison with my previous Ultramarines, last worked on circa 2012.

One of my 40k Ultramarines 3rd Company