Tuesday, May 17, 2016

First 5 of 10 Breachers

This past Saturday, I completed the first 5 of 10 Breachers for my Ultramarines 106th Company.  These are a bit eclectic due to it having the Sergeant, 2 of 3 Bolter Astrates, 1 of 4 Power Sword Astrates, and 1 of 2 Melta Gun Astrates.  I am also waiting for a Forgeworld order to come in with a Vox and Vexalia for the other set of 5 Astrates that will complete the squad.
In Defense of Lex Konor
From the side
Overall, these models were great to paint.  Since I had completed the 10-man tactical, I had settled upon the techniques involved and overall scheme.  The  fact that they are in Mark III Power Armor and Breacher shields gave some great variety.   Their bases are also those I showed previously and I have tried to position them all such that they appear to be "holding the line" at the patterned tiles.

In progress shots after the link.
While I am very happy with how these guys turned out and will complete the squad,  I was a bit frustrated by the news from Warhammer Fest about Ultramarines Breacher shields coming later this year/early next.

From Battle Bunnies - sculpted XIII Breacher Shields & Power Swords

Early shot, after providing base colors and wash

Pre-Transfers & Weathering View 1

Pre-Transfers & Weathering View 2

Pre-Transfers & Weathering View 3 
Pre-Weathering View 1

Pre-Weathering View 2