Tuesday, September 6, 2016

More Assassinorum & New White Dwarf

I have really slowed down on painting and modelling over the summer for a variety of reasons.  I am trying to get inspired to spend some solid time painting something in the next few weeks.

Over this past weekend, I hung out with friends (4 total) and built a buddy's copy of Assassinorum: Execution Force as well as played 3 games of it.  The first game was a success, using the standard rules.  The second ended in a hard failure, as we attempted to get to succeed with the Cultist going "On Alert" as we entered rooms.  The third game was just 2 of us and we succeed using the Culexus and Callidus.

I also picked up a copy of the new version of White Dwarf.  I like the return to the thick format and the extensive multi-page discussion of all aspects of the hobby.  It was well worth it for 20-pages of additions to the various boxed games that Games-Workshop has released .  I hope the next issue will be equally as good.

We also spent a night out in Bryce Canyon.

View from Sunrise Point