Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Paragons of Honour and Duty

This past weekend I complete the first five (of ten) Invictarus Suzerains for my Horus Heresy era Ultramarines.  These five are all equipped with bolt pistols, boarding shields, and Legatine power axes.  The next five will include one equipped that way, two with plasma pistols, and two with Thunderhammers.  Thanks to Jason, my brother, for kitbashing from his bits left-handed Thunderhammers.
Leading from the Front
The models are very detailed, giving plenty of opportunity to break-up the blue of the armor and depart from heavy amounts of gold.  Other Invictarus Suzerains I have looked at make the shields blue and keep most of the details gold.  I departed from that.

Some detail shots below.
Detail Shot 1

Detail Shot 2

Detail Shot 3 (probably the best)

Detail Shot 4