Tuesday, May 9, 2017

BMP-1s, SA-13s, and Hinds

I spent this past Saturday mostly painting the details on models I had airbrushed during the week.  With these vehicles completed, I have finished up all the vehicle models I own for Team Yankee.  I still have some unassembled infantry to add my second infantry company.

With the announcement of Red Thunder, I am thinking a slight pause is in order until I can at least look at the book.  I had planned to purchase another box of BMPs, a box of T-55s, and two boxes of  2S1 Carnations.   However, there is some appeal in picking up Yuri's Wolves to get the two more BMPs I want/need and T-64s instead of T-55s.  In addition, there is the possibility of the new 2S3 Acacias.

Next weekend, my brother and I are likely to get at a game, hopefully two games in on Saturday.  Will the BAOR be able to push back the Polish 1st Army?  We will see.