Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Fighting for the Fate of Konor

I really like the idea of narrative-focused games.  The summer campaign Games Workshop is running is a perfect excuse to get in games of 8th edition 40k using my core army - the 3rd Company Ultramarines - and my newest army - the 4th Company Novamarines.  This past Sunday, I defended against a Khornate host pushing through a shattered gate on the approaches to the the Quintus Gate on Astaramis.

The right flank in defense of the Quintus Gate

Over-half of the 3rd Company Ultramarines deployed to defend just past the shattered Quintus Gate against the mixed horde of traitorous XII Legion and their demonic Khrone allies. At the traitors’ center was a hated Lord of Skulls, plunging through the ruins of the gate towards the 3rd Company’s center and its Venerable Dreadnaught. The Lord of Skulls was flanked on its left by a blood-stained Land Raider carrying the mad-men Berserkers of the XII legion, accompanied by their Terminator-clad Lord. Two packs of Bloodletter demons led by a Herald and supported by a Soul Grinder moved up along the Lord of Skulls right.

The demi-squads of the 3rd kept the Lord of Skulls attention center, taking heavy causalities as it poured returning fire into the Devastators of the 3rd. Through this exchange of fire, a pair of tank-hunting Land Speeders managed to heavily wound the Soul Grinder, survive an assault by Bloodletter, to flank and heavily wound the Lord of Skulls, supported by orbital supporting fire and concentrated fire from the remaining Tactical demi-squads.

Lord of Skulls defeated, plenty of traitors remain

As the Land Raider disgorged its Berserker host overrunning a Tactical demi-squad. This left the traitors vulnerable to concentrated fire from the casualties’ surrounding brethren. The VI Tactical’s melta weapons did not prove effective in hitting the threatening Land Raider, but the VI did see off the Chaos Lord despite the loss of their Rhino and heavy casualties.

Continued, concentrated, and prioritized fire continued to deplete the advancing demons and the crippled Soul Grinder and Land Raider would only continue to be cut-down by the remaining demi-squads, the demons retreated back through the shattered front of the Quintus Gate.

Update: Fixed Aurilian gate to Quintus Gate from website and US region and added link