Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Game and Build

I have switched gears to building out stuff for Age of Sigmar instead of Warhammer 40k for a little bit.   My 1,000 points Tempest's Eye list is steadily coming together and I am getting paint onto some of the core stuff.  I have some solid ideas for adding 500 points, but the second set of 500 points (total of 2,000 points) is still being thought out.

On Saturday, I played a game against Seraphon (lizardmen) using most of what my final list will be.  It was a good game that came down to playing the objectives.  In turn 2,  I thought I had no chance when I lost 400 points in a single turn.  However, I managed to steadily decimate my adversaries stuff and my flanking maneuver with Skycutter and Gyrocopter managed to capture objectives and put pressure on his back field.  Afterwards, discussing the game, we realized areas where we took liberty with the rules. Despite this, overall fun and only way to learn is to play more.

I also built out three more Handgunners, these three are the Dwarf members.  Now to find human figures to convert.