Monday, January 20, 2014

Craftworld Eldar: Alaitoc & the Five Hexes

For the past several months, my wife and I have been working on a Craftworld Eldar army.  After reading the Eldar background, my wife decided upon Alaitoc as the army's Craftworld.  With the heavy ranger emphasis and the background's discussion of the importance of the Path to Alaitoc as a starting point, the list started to form.

Five Alaitoc Rangers

It would be in 3 parts.  First - the ubiquitous Eldar Rangers and Pathfinders, led by Illic Nightspear.  Second - an Alaitoc Farseer leading some of the Craftworld's Aspect Warriors.  Initially, we settled on Dire Avengers and Banshees in a pair of Wave Serpents and a Crimson Hunter Exarch.  Third - Corsairs.   To emphasize the Alaitoc adherence to the path, the army would have a minimum of Guardians (those in the Wave Serpent), all other Guardian models, whether infantry or vehicles (chiefly vehicles) would be Corsairs allied with Alaitoc.  Thus was born the Five Hexes Corsairs.

Five Hexes Vyper

To Date we have painted:
10 Rangers
1 Vyper
1 Farseer

Alaitoc Farseer

Five more Alaitoc Rangers

In progress:
6 Banshees (my wife's current effort)
1 Crimson Hunter

In-progress Crimson Hunter