Monday, January 20, 2014

Gents (and T), here are the projects on the coming agenda for me...

-Just finished up basing the first of 2 archangels for my Legion Of Everblight list for Hordes.  2nd one to go  then 50 points complete.
Thagrosh Work In Progress
- 3 Marines and a dreadnaught done in the 2k blood angel list another18 Death Company, 18 vets a chaplain and 2 drop pods to go on the list.

Once those are done I'll be in full swing with the Iyanden Eldar list, whose first (of 2) wraithknights is built and will be the test bed for the paint scheme. I also have the seer for the list to test colors on.

We'll see where I go from there.  Maybe the 2k Brets I've had assembled and unpainted for 3 years now.  To sum up here are the lists that fall into current ops in North Carolina.

50 Pts Legion
-2x harrier light war beast
-1x Angelius
-2x Archangel Gargantuant

-1x Stinger light war beast that Thagrosh can spawn (not included in 50 points)

Completed Thagrosh Front

Completed Thagrosh Side 1
Completed Thagrosh Side2

Death Co Dread Front
2000 Points Blood Angels
-1x Chaplain
-10x Vanguard Vets (4 lighting claws, 5 BP and Chainsword, Sergeant with Power Weapong and Plas)
-8x Sternguard Vets (2 hvy bolters)
     -their drop pod
-20x Death company (a lot of random weapons, its a 900+ point squad)
-1x Death Company Dreadnaught
    -his droppod

Death Co Dread Left
Death Co Dread Right
Death Co Dread Back

1000 Points Iyanden
-1x Spiritseer
-5x wraith blades
-5x wraithguard
-2x Wraith knight (beaty, 1 shooty)

Initial photos show progress on Legion with some marines on the side.  The big guy pictures suck, sorry better to follow.  You can see some Marines sneaking in the side there.

The Work Station

Archangel 1 WIP