Sunday, February 23, 2014

Crimson Hunter Completed

Completed Alaitoc Crimson Hunter
Today, I put the finishing touches on the first of two Eldar flyers, the second being an already primed Eldar Phoenix (which will have a lot of yellow).  The Crimson Hunter is one of two flyers in Codex: Eldar and an Aspect Warrior.  In the army list, it is also an Exarch.  Since the last post on this model, it has mainly been detail and build-up work.

With the Eldar, I have been leveraging a lot of painting techniques I largely ignored for well over a decade.  This has partially happened because GW changed the painting line and because of Tess's critiques.  On the Crimson Hunter the combination of highlights and washes ensured recesses still "popped' and that the black exhaust was more than a black lump of plastic.

Splotching on control surfaces and exhaust highlights (bottom)
Splotching on control surfaces and exhaust highlights (top)
You can also see the splotching to attempt and replicate the Alaitoc camo pattern seen on its vehicles.  These are the first areas of any of the models were this was attempted.  I like the way it turned out here, which was a build up to Alaitoc Blue, followed by splotching with Hoeth Blue and Kantor Blue.  The real challenge will be on the Wave Serpents that will carry the other Aspect Warriors into battle.

Crimson Hunter Exarch at the controls

When I first posted a picture of the primed Crimson Hunter on Google+'s Warhammer 40k community, an individual was disappointed in the black canopy.  I explained it was just tape over the clear part.  As you can see, the Exarch is detailed and the canopy is clear (first picture).

Next on the list for the Eldar is either Dire Avengers or the Phoenix, but they may be somewhat delayed due to the new Dwarfs and Escalation League play.