Monday, February 3, 2014

Warhammer Escalation League #1

The Park Plaza Games Workshop store is having a Warhammer Fantasy League in which Tess and I plan to participate.  She has already put together her Regiment of Renown and will be working on getting them painted this week. I need to spend some time on a what my Dwarf regiment will be and paint up those that are not already painted.

With the coming Dwarf releases and taking part in the League, I will need to spend sometime on them in the coming weeks/months.  I really like the new Hammers/Longbeards and want to include them in any new army I craft.  In addition, all the previously painted models can stand an update in the case where they are painted and a more unifying fill.  I will also probably work on updating the basing, but I need to settle on what that will be.

Along with all of that, the store offers a "community chest" for storing terrain for general use.  So far, no one has really added much to it.  So, this weekend, I picked up the basic $25 fences (which are apparently not available on the website!) and will be painting them up this week.  I am thinking Robbie will be able to help with them throughout the project.

Fences Ready to Prime