Monday, July 28, 2014

My Return to the painting table.

Well gents and ladies, I have been on a long hiatus, plenty to paint but certain other activities have drawn me away from the much beloved painting table.  That being said, I have returned with a new set of projects, well really all the old projects just expanded upon .  Here is whats on the agenda, plus a box of wraith blades purchased after this photo was taken.

That said, I've decided to take my Eldar to 1850 with the addition of another spirit seer , more wraithblades and the hemlock fighter.  For the hemlock, I did a little conversion work to give it both the EA-6B esq speed brakes as well as the Strike Eagle speed brake.

That said I the proceeded to prime it with cheap primer and spent a long time in failed attempts to strip and scrape the crusty primer off, which was a huge disappointment.  I did however proceed to pain it and it turned out alright.  Looks great from a distance but up close you can see the errors associated with the prime job.

So that's it for the hemlock, currently working on wraith blade 6-10.  Wood elves will be on their way to 2500 with the associated forests, and the blood angels are still in the works with no progress had.  Goal is 1850 Eldar, 2000 Blood Angel, and 2500 Wood Elves by the end of the calendar year.  Then for 2015 I;m thinking Demons and Bretonnians, armies which wont require much purchasing.  The motto around here being paint it or sell it.

Well thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed, and I look forward to updating you soon with the completed wraith blades, which means I can buy the rest of the army...