Saturday, August 16, 2014

Dwarf Nobles

The nobles of Odinfir's Throng
Tonight, I have completed all the Dwarf Lords and Heroes, except for the Dragonslayer/Demonslayer.  Tomorrow, I will seal them with Purity Seal.  I have not gone to the n-th detail on these models; my evolving painting style means the large areas of armor and beards do not get a lot of individual detailing.

One of my disappointments is that the images are just not as sharp as I would like.  After the break, I have pictures of the four newly painted lords/heroes.

This older Dwarf Lord/Thane is from the previous Dwarf release (est 2005).

This is the Belegar Ironhammer model sans back totem.  I really like the Oathstone.  I really like the Oathstone and Ironbreaker combination in a regiment.

This is an ancient (circa 1998!) Dwarf Runesmith.  I think this is the 3rd time I have a done a repaint on the mini.  The picture is horrible!

Lastly, my Battle Standard Bearer is essentially a Hammer/Longbeard standard bearer.  I did not like the existing model and the Hammers/Longbeards are as well armed and armored as any Thane.

Up next - updating Dwarf Artillery, Thunders, and another 10 Irondrakes, then buying another 10 Ironbreakers and updating the old ones.

Edit: Looking at the old Artillery teams, they are already based for snowy fields.  This leaves me with a conundrum of updating the basing or some of my older regiments similarly.  Would appreciate feedback!