Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Terrian & Board for AoP

Broken Imperial Eagle
For Armies on Parade, I needed a display board and some terrain for the Eldar to be moving through. I picked up the Honored Imperium box set and used the ruined eagle (pictured left) and the ruined Cathedral top.

For the board itself, I used one of the sections of the Realms of Battle board acquired 3 years ago (finally beginning to paint it).  I kept it straightforward with browns and greens, but may need to adjust the amount of grass on the other six sections - they take a lot of flock.

For the Realms of Battle board, we based it in Mournfang Brown using the spray can.  This was after attempting to use a "airbrush" to do it.  First, the airbrush was more of a spray gun and second it was finicky.

I then used Skrag Brown on the areas expected to show through and then drybrushed with Terminatus Stone.  This was followed by watered down Elmers Glue and Glade Grass flocking.  I  probably should have used a Woodland Scenic; I will have to check how different flocks are.

Lastly, there is the ruined eagle and window.  They were fun to paint and practice techniques on. Lots of edges on the eagle to practice highlighting.  It was the same build up as the rocks above for the underlying rubble, with the eagle itself being Mephiston Red, washed with Reikland Fleshshade, highlighted with Qazdakka Red.  The exposed cracks were then painted with Dawnstone, washed with Black Wash.  The structure of the window has Leadbelcher and Balthasar Gold base with Runefang Steel and Gehenna's Gold highlights.