Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Unblooded World Eater

No blood World Eater Legionnaire
On Boxing Day (26 December) I painted up most of my first World Eater.  All I lacked was the Blood for the Blood God paint to do some blood effects on his chain bayonet and armor.  That has been acquired and will be worked on in the New Year most likely.  For now, here are some pictures of my process for painting up the World Eaters.

Each image has the paints used for painting that stage.  I have tried to keep it simple, while still looking good.  I intend to put a little individual detail on each model through a combination of a red-on-white armor segment and blood spatter. While it is hard to see, the armor's eye is actually green.

Lastly, my biggest unresolved detail is what company do my World Eaters represent.  With Kharn, the 8th Company is a natural fit, but there are a lot of 8th Company.  I also want to retain the option of playing them as Loyalist World Eaters and thus do not want pigeon-hole myself. Thoughts?

Primed Uniform Grey

Base Layers, paint by numbers
Complete Black Wash

Second Layer - "playable"

Third Layer & Basing

All I need is Blood!