Sunday, April 26, 2015

Two Serpents

Pair of Wave Serpents
Late Sunday, I completed the second Wave Serpent.  The pair largely match with the main difference being the "parallel" lines versus X racing strips.  The plan is for the parallel lines Serpent to carry a squad of Dire Avengers and the X Serpent to carry a squad of Howling Banshees.

Given the new rules with Howling Banshees, I am very happy with their inclusion in the list from the beginning.  I however need to order the old metal models as the Finecast is less than useful given the slenderness of the models.

More pictures after the break...

Mostly done, just need to finish the base
Base is ready; time to seal
All sealed, time to remove the "glass" covers
Serpents in formation.

All packed! A fully painted tray of miniatures.