Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Second Storm, failing to match colors

Both completed, very different blues
This weekend, I decided to complete my second Landspeeder Storm for my Ultramarines Scout detachment.  It had been built and base coated months previously and was on the side waiting for completion.  However, I ran into an immediate problem.  Most of my Ultramarines were painted using the old paint range and in a very straightforward scheme.  I could not get the two to match, despite several different layer attempts.

Aliatoc Blue layer, just too light
This is a bit frustrating for me as I near completion of the Eldar army and still have elements from the Ultramarines Chapter I would like to include in my Warhammer 40k selection.  I yet to include Terminators and other Veterans from the 1st Company and a wide range of supporting vehicles, from Whirlwinds to Landraiders.

I need to make a decision as to how far to depart from my earlier painting techniques in regards to the new editions.  Between the design of the modern GW paint range and the Eldar project I have had the opportunity to really stretch my painting skills and techniques.  This means that the earliest Marines in my collection, a bike squadron from circa 1998, are definitely a different standard than my last Tactical Squad (VI).   So, should I add some more Marines and vehicles that look drastically different than my earlier work?  Also, should I update the bikes to be from a Reserve Company?

Wash layer, just too dark,
Lastly, I will most certainly be painting more Astrates Ultramarines by the end of the year.  In the next few weeks, Forgeworld will be releasing Horus Hersey Book V: Tempest and with it rules for Legion Astrates Ultramarines and the Primarch, Roboute Guilliman.  Check out this gallery of images from Warhammer World Grand Opening to see some of what is coming.

Before then, I should complete the Eldar, 500 points of Legion XII*, and my ships for Dystopian Wars (as of Sunday, yet to arrive, lost in the postal system).

*I am considering going up to 1,000 points of Legion XII before switching to the XIII for at least a bit.  Thoughts?