Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Dwarfs in Age of Sigmar

I mentioned in my first impressions of the Warhammer: Age of Sigmar rules, that I would take out my Dwarf collection and build some armies from the models I have.  I am going to focus on three ways of building an Age of Sigmar list.  The first I call the "Rule of Cool."  I went through my collection and pulled out some of what I think are the coolest models (and thus models that others will likely purchase).  The second will be fielding a War Scroll organization, maybe two!  The last I will walk through and build a list using the Azyr Composition guide put out there by the Louisville, Kentucky wargaming community.

In discussions with my local group, the opinion has been expressed that the old armies/modelsare likely to be under powered and even with well-intentioned carry-over rules are likely to not perform or be as fun as playing Age of Sigmar with models and forces designed for the game.  Initially, this really only is the Stormcast Eternals or Khrone Bloodbound. I suspect there will be a steady release of forces over the next six months.

Rule of Cool Army

The below army has a total of 28 models and would cost around $250 after tax/shipping.  That is twice the cost of the Age of Sigmar box set and has less than 2/3 the models.

Rule of Cool Collection
Belegar Ironhammer
Thane with Battle Standard
Ironbreakers 10 w/ Ironbeard, Icon Bearer, & Drummer (Muscian)
Irondrakes 10 w/ Ironwarden, Icon Bearer, & Hornblower
Organ Gun

War Scroll Organization

A Dispossed Clan Throng and Artillery Battery - a classic Dwarf Army
This collection has 68 models and would cost around only around $320 after tax/shipping, if all the models were readily available.   Both the Quarreler/Thunder and Warrior box sets are out-of-stock on Games Workshop's web store.  The warmachines and Engineer are Web Exclusives. I have proxied 10 Warriors (center) for Longbeards and 5 Ironbreakers as Hammers (center around the Dwarf Lord).  An alternative is to put my Dwarf Lord with Shield Bears in the middle.

This army consists of the Dispossed Clan Throng and the Dispossed Artillery Battery in the Dwarfs Compendium.

Azyr Composition

For this army I am going to start with my "Rule of Cool" collection and build it out to fight what the Azyr Composition guide calls a Small Battle.  This lets me take up to 3 Characters and 3 Warmachines as well as a max of 8 units, lastly it is a max of 15 points.  The "Rule of Cool" collection comes to 9 points (see below).  It contains 62 models and I have avoided any units above 10 (what comes in a box).  This list would cost around $450 after tax/shipping, largely due to the price of the slayers, however again some of these are going to become harder and harder to purchase.

The Army stuck in the

Heros (3 of 3 points)
Belegar Ironhammer - 1 point
Runelord - 1 point
Thane with Battle Standard - 1 point
Units (6 of 12 points, 2 of 3 Warmachines)
Ironbreakers 10 w/ Ironbeard, Icon Bearer, & Drummer (Muscian) - 2 points (1 point per 5)
Irondrakes 10 w/ Ironwarden, Icon Bearer, & Hornblower  - 2 points (1 point per 5)
Gyrocopter - 1 point (Warmachine)
Organ Gun - 1 point (Warmachine)

I would probably adds the below for a Small Battle (or even swap in two units for a Patrol removing the Thane).

Units (6 of 12 points, 1 of 3 Warmachines)
Thunders 10 w/ Command Element - 1 point
Longbeards 10 w/ Command Element - 2 points
Cannon - 1 point (Warmachine)
Slayers 10 w/ Command Element - 2 poitns