Thursday, July 16, 2015

Rebellious Danes

Completed pair of Farnir Class Airships
I have played two games of Dystopian Wars thus far; both against Prussian Empire fleets at 1,000 points.  The first game I won very well, despite not having a good understanding of the rules The second I lost because of my starter list put me in an untenable position.  I have been trying to get a better handle on my fleets rules and the rules in general.  All of this has led to a "next acquisition" plan and the development away from the Lindisfarne Battlegroup to the Jylland Battlegroup.

Lindisfarne Battlegroup consisted of all Kingdom of Denmark ships, straight out of their Naval Battlegroup set.  It is what I will field until I pick up my next Dystopian Wars models.  The expansion will see the inclusion of a lend-lease Gewitterwolke Class Airship (a large airship) and squadron of 4 Stolz Class Destroyers.

The change was spurred by my second game and loss due to my opponent not only destroying my Ragnarok Pocket Battleship, but also prizing it with a squadron of small ships.  I took two lessons from this.  1) I need another Massive/Large ship, the Gewitterwolke fills that purpose and 2) a squadron of Stolz is very capable.

Thus far I have played twice against Prussia fleets.  The Danes are nominally allied to the Prussians; it will be interesting to see how I fair against other fleets.

Until I make the purchase, I have just the Ragnarok and a bunch of Support Air Squadron tokens to remaining to paint.  I have really enjoyed the detour into Dystopian Wars and also have enjoyed the games.