Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Learning to Off-Load Unused Minis

BFG I am selling!
When a person has been playing miniature games for almost 20 years, you end up collecting lots of models.  Many of these languish in boxes until you finally pull them out to work on them and add them to your finished collection.  Others end up not being used for a number of reasons.

A little over 10-years ago, I was building out my collection for some dying games, chiefly Epic Armageddon (EA) and Battlefleet Gothic (BFG).  This effort led me to buy from numerous sources to complete my growing forces.  It also resulted in me buying more than I ended up needing as projects would complete with no push to expand.

A box full of tiny models to sell
In the case of the BFG, I bought a decent number of ships direct from Games Workshop and simply never used them.  At one point, I intended to build out an initial boxed set to play with others who showed interest, but it never happened.  Add to this the fact that I have two painted Imperial Fleets, meant that assembling and painting 4 Imperial Cruisers is incredibly unlikely to happen.

Thus, my first two Ebay items!  I posted two very similar items onto Ebay Sunday afternoon - Imperial Cruisers 1 & 2.  (They sold before I woke up on Monday!) I started with these as they are the most straight forward of the pictured box to sort out and sell.  For BFG,  I also have some Chaos bits, but those are a very low-priority at the moment, since it is almost entirely loose bits and a single escort.

The hard part will be sorting through the various ancient Epic Orks, Imperial Guard, Eldar, Space Marines, and Squats! This will take some work and some decisions to make regarding how to package/sort the various miniatures out.  So, as I sell these items, it will provide "extra" funds to feed into my other projects.