Thursday, October 15, 2015


Straightforward painting of the Harlequin Deathjester model.  The actual Deathjester was painted using the Harlequins Painting Guide from Games Workshop.  Following the painting guide has really helped me improve my overall technique.

I painted the model up in over the course of Sunday, probably totaling three or four hours of effort.  I really like how the contrast between the sandstone base and the dark colors of the Deathjester turned out.

This leaves two models remaining to paint for the Eldar army I started about almost 2 years ago.  When I complete the Phoenix and Shadowseer, they will be complete (barring an unanticipated addition).

At least 3 more Eldar blog post to come - one for each of the remaining models and a final completed army post.

Progress shots after the break.

Highlighting the black
Green clown cap

Bronze Shuriken Cannon of Death
Only the base remaining.