Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Assembly Line & 3 Fleet Engagments

Squad IV in work for my World Eaters
Another quick update on hobby efforts the past week.  Got back from vacation Monday and started to slowly assembly line the World Eaters of the second squad (at right).  I will hopefully get them all done in the next week or so with steady progress on painting each step every evening.

Most of the weekend's hobby time was spent playing 3 games of Dystopian Wars.  I think I came out of the games 1-1-1.  My win was a hard fought game against a Polish-Lithuania skimmer force, my tie was against a Chinese fleet, and my loss was to an Italian force.

Against the Poles, we were very much mirror force choices, but made different selections.   It was interesting to play against a fleet that was only slightly different.  Against the Chinese, I found myself outgunned and was glad to come out with a tie.  Overall the Chinese seemed overpowered and just difficult to come to grips with.  Against the Italians,  I made a poor choice on flanking around 300 points (all my airships in the list), which did not arrive until turn 3.  This left me undergunned and out-activity (a rarity for my Danes).  I came close to a win and was ahead on overall points, but his Commodore escaped my grasp.