Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Blood Covered Halls

Unfortunately, those halls were mostly covered in the blood of my World Eaters, another World Eater force, and an Emperor's Children force.  Overall, I went 0-2 and in both cases found my priciest unit, Butchers up against units it could not hurt - an Ultramarines Dreadnought and Mechanicum Kastalans.

Sergeant & brothers hold a door way against Mechanicum Cult forces

III Legion Astrates prepare for the incoming Ultramarine Dreadnaughts

This past Sunday, I took part in a local Horus Heresy Zone Mortalis (ZM) event.  Each player was told to bring a 750 point Combatant list (after the break).

My army list was somewhat straightforward and WYSIGWIG.

My Force
Consul: Delegatus (Kharn wanna-be)
w/ Power Sword, Plasma Pistol and the Chosen Duty Rite of War
5 Butchers
w/ 2 Power Axes each
5 Veteran Marines
w/ Melta Bombs and Sgt w/ Power Fist
5  Veteran Marines
w/ Melta Bombs and Sgt + Pair of Lightning Claws

Game 1 Deployment
Game 1 Mid-Game
Biggest take-away in this game was the inability for each unit to fight a Dreadnought.  The Butchers, being Fearless and unable to hurt the Dreadnought spent 3 Assault Phases being crushed by it.

Game 2 - Butchers charge the enemy, but in vain. 
Lesson learned form the previous game 
Delaying Action that is all that can be done against these "monsters"
Waiting, defending the panel
The Kastalans were just hard to deal with being T7, Monstrous Creatures, with Power Fists.  They were arguably tougher than a Dreadnought and harder to fight.