Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tactical Options

I had a rather busy weekend and week, but I did get three more Ultramarines painted.  These three Astrates provide options to the completed Tactical Squad, allowing it to either be fielded as a fully equipped Veteran Tactical Squad (like a 40k Tactical Squad or a squad in Betrayal at Calth) or just swap in the Nuncio Vox in the Tactical Squad.

3 Options for Tactical/Veteran Tactical Squads
Up next: Veteran of Terra & Master of Signals

I think the Nuncio Vox is an important piece of kit for any large XIII Legion force, multiplying the lines of sight that the near ubiquitous Master of Signal can use to call down fire.

The Plasma Gun and Heavy Bolter given the Veteran Tacticals a very tactical set and are then capable of taking on all but the heaviest adversaries (which Melta Bombs help with)