Tuesday, February 14, 2017

More Tanks

T-72s and BMPs
This past week I was fairly successful painting four more T-72s and five BMP-2s.  These however are only the beginning of a Volks Armee force, which I think is a better representation of the Polish Army than a Soviet Red Banner force.  This drives the inclusion of more tanks overall, adding probably about 10 more tanks overall.

My Red Banner Motor Rifle Battalion list only included 9 T-72s in a single company at 44 points (included 2 minesweepers) and 2 BMP-2 mounted Motor Rifle Companies, in 5 BMP-2s a piece.

The Volks Armee Motor Rifle Battalion in contrast can only take a single BMP-2 Motor Rifle Company and then must take a BMP-1 mounted Company.  In terms of armor, it only has access to the T-55AM company.  The Volks Armee Panzer T-72M Battalion takes two T-72M Battalions, with 9 T-72s (with 2 minesweeprs) at 33 points.

This means the Volks Armee list simply will have more models.  At present, with the major differences being in the Main Battle Tanks, transports, and choice of recons, the Volks Armee list has 12 more tanks in it, to include 3 T-72Ms, 5 T-55AMs, and the addition some tank hunting Spandrels.

Some more pictures of painted tanks below.

Half a T-72 Company

BMP-2s moving up behind T-72s 
The other half of a T-72 Company