Monday, January 27, 2014

Slow Progress on the Crimson Hunter

Last night, I put in a few hours of painting and for the first non-base layer on the Crimson Hunter.

Top of Crimson Hunter

Bottom of Crimson Hunter

The red is currently too bright. Hopefully a wash will tone it down, the goal is for it to be a red crimson color.  The big areas need to be worked a bit. The bottom will be brightened with the goal being a near light sky blue.  Once I have those areas close to where I want them, I will work on the detailing, like stippling the blue control surfaces with the Alaitoc pattern.

In other news, Tess and I signed up for a Warhammer Fantasy Escalation league at the local store.  Will have to double check with Hank (the store manager) about whether I can use my Dwarfs or is it only for building a "new" army.  If it is only for new armies, I may just support Tess's High Elf efforts.